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2001-10-28 20:14:18 (UTC)

First Entry... why -=-Open.Skyline-=-? What I am

Dear Diary,
Hello, if anybody is reading this. My name is Tarah, and I
guess this is my first entry. ::coolcool:: gotta love
online diaries, especailly when you can read other
people's. ya know? well anyways
I chose the name -=Open.Skyline-=- for my diary because
that's what life is all about. It's like you're on a boat
or a plane, or simply just taking a walk... a you look out
at an open skyline. And depending on which path you take,
you can change that skyline and what it looks like. Okay
maybe a little deep but I'm a deep person.
Anyways, a person you will be hearing a lot about in my
diary is my b/f Tim. (Love of my life! hehe) So here's a
little info about him: He's cute, brown eyes brown hair,
VERY tall, muscular, ya know... very smart and creative and
very romantic. We've been together for a little over a year
now. (sighz) What a year it's been!
I write a lot of poetry so here's one I wrote today, It's
not really about me, just about another person.

...Just Another...
It was just another day
in the back of the shadows
Just another day in the
back of the room
you were
just another face to pass
me by in my crying
then you became the random
hand to wipe my tears
Why did you suddenly
change your mind
and leave you world behind
why did you suddenly stop
to see how I was doing and
why did you suddenly feel this way
what if you had waited another day
would i have still been
just another face.

I hope you like it! Well that's all for now!
write more later
Love always,

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