Same Drug
2001-10-28 20:12:43 (UTC)


ok its sunday. sundays are net days and junk food days, it
sux. on monday i met up wif andy we had the best day EVER!
i fell in love. it was so strange! but then on tuesday i
had a really bad spell and got really drunk so i was too
drunk to go to school in the morning, which was so stupid
but i was really depressed. then on wednesday i went to
glenrothes instead of school, that was also stupid but so
much fun. on thursday i went to school but im a bit behind.
that was a shit day. on friday i was at school then i met
andy and we walked about, we also met ppl from the
graveyard and had a few j's. then i went to work for 45
mins and then got a train to glasgow. we went to a party
for a while but it was crap so we went to greenock and to
dougies coz there was supposed to be a party but there
wasnt so we stayed at kev's and kinda bitched a bit. the
cathouse was good on saturday, i got really crap and asked
jamie to put on goldfinger and the rest of the nite was
wooooo! so i went home but on the way home stacy was gettin
on my nerves boastin bout all the ppl and shit and she
wouldnt let me sleep on the train and kept proddin me. i
went straight to bed wen i got home. andy keeps askin me
wots wrong ect i dont wanna tell him even tho i do love him will be ok i can fake my smile. so thats it! oh
and yeah keiran got back i saw him and he was sluttin it,
it was funny! and ppl got mugged it was a shame. i saw
jesus i should have dun sumfin.i regret it.