random mumblings
2001-10-28 19:37:45 (UTC)

graduation day

so i had a pretty good weekend...my parents and brother
came down yesterday, so they rented a hotel room and we sat
around and had a couple ryes in the afternoon. then my
aunt and uncle came by and we all went to "le biftek" for
dinner. (biftek is french for steak so natch it was a
steakhouse). aunt edie and uncle bill bought me this
gorgeous watch, titanium bulova...i don't normally wear
watches, but i'll definitely wear this. my grandma and
grandpa sent me $50 too...jeez, i think i'll get married
just for the free stuff ;) so we all went to this
steakhouse and my uncle dave was there too...i had the most
fantastic ribs there, but everything was *very* garlicy.
kirk seemed a little weird...i'm not sure why. we didn't
get much chance to chat because of all the running around
and what not. (btw, i bumped into peter arseneau and there
was a 3-way tie for second between him, lucas and jacques
cote...i wonder who upset jacques) so we had a good
time...then this morning we wake up and go to the
graduation at the National Art Center...and all i can say
is "wow". i'll say it again...wow. this place was
phenomenal...i was almost in tears because all this was for
me (and the other 500 people that were graduating), so i
can hardly imagine when i get married...i'll be in
tears...seriously, if anyone out there has testosterone
pills or can put me on some kind of testosterone-laced
diet, please let me know ;) the place were in (southam
hall) was this huge auditorium with cathedral ceilings and
this huge pipe organ with this guy playing songs as we came
in. very classy. so i was the *fifth* one to graduate...i
was classified as an engineer and they go from stuff like
engineers down to arts and whatever...there *is* a totem
pole out there and i don't give a damn what you english
grads have to say about it!!! because my degree was in
science though, they gave me a yellow robe instead of an
orange robe at the beginning, but luckily they rectified
it. it was orange for engineers, red for law, yellow for
science, blue for education, white for arts, gold for
social science, purple for theology, and i'm sure there was
more but i can't remember. the whole thing was very
ceremonial. so the music stops and all the professors come
in dressed up in their appropriate colors. it was like
something out of "the stonecutters" from simpsons or
something. and the "bigger cheese" that you were the more
gaudy colors you had to wear...some of the uppety ups wore
like these god-awful red and green robes and the rector
(guy who's in charge) wore bright pink!! i wish i had a
video camera...words don't do this justice :) so i was the
fifth person who graduated!!! (only 12 computer scientists
so i don't know why i have such a tough time finding a
job) :) so the super magna cum laude gold-medal winning
chick for engineering was standing behind me and some lady
came up and was trying to recruit her...man i wished that
anyone would've been there "recruiting" for me ;) so then
we took a bunch of snapshots, etc. and my parents went
home. my parents got me an iron and an ironing board, but
i think they were a little putout when aunt edie and uncle
bill got me this sweet watch so that's why they were all
like "we'll take you out for dinner, etc." because normally
their not very generous like that, but it's all good. so
i've gotta go photocopy this so i can put it up at work :)
seriously, there's guys at work who have their "devry
degree in business administration management" up at their
desks, and call me a snob, but there is a totem pole and my
degree is higher up than that :) so until i get a "real"
cubicle, i'm putting the photocopy up there :) i was gonna
get a frame today, but none of my female friends are around
and i have no taste at all :) so i'm gonna wait until i
can get a second opinion on the frame. well i've got about
1000 emails to check so i gotta go