What's up now?
2001-10-28 19:08:44 (UTC)

how do you really know???

what an emotional rollercoaster....DAMN! I guess thats
life though right? But how do you really know that what
you are doing is the right thing? I mean after soo long
how do you know its still right? I am deep down scared to
death!! Scared things have changed soo much in the past 2
months and I dont even realize it. Scared that I am losing
everything I once had, the things that have always seemed
so comfortable. And I know going to college you are
supossed to find the "real you"(whatever that means), but
I'm scared! I just wish things could be normal. I dont
even know what that word means anymore. All I know is that
this isnt. I look around and see people having the ideal
things, things I wish I could have, but I sacrifice all of
those things for love. And I wouldnt change the love I
have. Thats good, isnt it?? God I need to work some stuff
out I realize! But at the same time, everything around me
is falling apart...maybe I am just in a rut....... but I
want out!