.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
2001-10-28 17:42:53 (UTC)

oh man

oh man, im so frustrated with adam right now, so hes all
like why are you talking trash on me and im like who told
you that, hes liek everyone, im like, look heres what im
saying, that you guys have to much of an ego for a
highschool band, so we have this big argument about
highschool band/musician labels. grrr then im like well
you fuckin disrespect me like it aint nothin, then hes like
how so, and i told him about the digger show and how he
yelled cause i told him that they should wrap up their set,
not to mention that fact that digger got dicked, and
whatever cause he was all like I WAS OUT OF LINE to make
that sort of comment, RIIIGHTT what the fuck, i didnt just
help him with all the undone shit at that show that he
didnt do cause all he knows how to do and is willing to do
is book bands and promote him self and his band, maybe if
he learned how to make fuckin copies adn work the door he
could actually do shows, all i wanted was to get the fuckin
info about delawareshows.com cause delawarepunk is no more
and there aer no show directories. but whatever fuck it,
im so doen with teh delaware scene, i can hardly take it.

im bookin the garage and im gonna fuckin book who i want to
book, im done with everything else, dec 8th, im doin a
show, so in their face.

also, update on the shwo i went to last night... the
anthology was really good, left behind alison ranger eh.
crews were ther so was sarah, tasha, LB kids, and more. we
left during a. ranger. cool with me.
picked ben at the airport, and whatever. alicia said jim
told her about me and him on friday, i guess thats no big
deal, i was nervous that he was havin a mood whatever and
was pissed or somthin but i dont know. alicia says he was
prolly upset that i wasnt going to tylers party, i dont
know, things are weird now, im tired and im sick of
delawre, i need to stop being a bitch and be nice, i know
that, but delaware are just just biggest (grr) ever. done
fuck that.

i apologize, i need to grow up.