a little piece of me
2001-10-28 17:28:37 (UTC)

the much anticipated concert

ok, so it's now 10 something sunday morning. i am back
from my concert. i must say, it was AWESOME!!! i would
have written last night, but i was too tired, and a little
wacky from the weed that everyone around us was smoking.
ok, so i'll start from the beginning.

it took a little over 1 1/2 hours to get to the concert.
pretty easy to get to, which was good. when we got there,
we saw a sign that said rammstein and mudvayne weren't
going to be playing. i knew mudvayne wasn't going to be
there, but rammstein??!?! i was not pleased about that, to
put it nicely. ok, i was royally pissed off. i was really
looking forward to seeing them. such a disappointment.
i've been a rammstein fan since they first came out. what
can i do, i guess...

anyway, so while we were waiting for the doors to open,
some jackass in charge made everyone take off their spikes
and shit like that. that's understandable, but he didn't
have to be an asshole about it. people were hiding shit
all over the place. it was great. i mean, come on...they
have to expect people to wear stuff like that to a slipknot
concert! alright, so i was looking around while we were
waiting, and there were sooo many wonderful freaks there.
it felt good to not be an outcast just for a little while.
there were a few preps there. maybe they could see how it
feels to be a freak. being the only different person in a
huge group. who knows.

so, we finally got in. we had general admission tickets,
which was cool. we got down to the floor, and kinda
chilled towards the side, a good distance from the stage.
the first band that played was called 'american hate
charge'. i had never heard of them, but they were really
good. one of the guitar players had an awesome mowhawk (i
was in love...). we could see pretty well where we were
standing...we were close to a mosh pit, too, which was
great. the next band, another i hadn't heard of, was 'no
one'. they were also really good. both hard core, of

finally, system of a down came on. by this point we had
moved closer to the stage. when they started to play, we
were right in the middle of the mosh pit! it was great! we
got punched and shoved and tossed around. we ended up
right in the front and center. it was so cool. the guitar
player is so hot! he was totally hamming it up for the
crowd. system kicked some ass. the crowd was going nuts
when they left, and we chanted until they came back and
played a few more songs. awesome.

next, came slipknot. all hell broke lose when they came
on. we were still at the edge of the mosh pit. people
started ripping these huge tiles off the sides of the
arena, and then had people standing on them and jumping off
into the crowd. i got kicked in the head a few times, and
the ear once by body surfers. someone elbowed me in the
nose. it was great! i have never had so much fun!!! it
was so good to just head bang and slam dance and mosh and
get the crap beat out of me. i sound nuts, but it was
great. there is something surreal about moshing...it's
violence done out of love, if that makes sense. we love
the music, and to show it, we smash around into each other,
and it's totally acceptable/expected. ya know what i
mean? that didn't make much sense at all, but i know what
i mean, and that's all that counts. after slipknot was
done (they had a hell of a show...i would totally go see
them again!), the guy that wears the gas mask (his name
eludes me right now...) came over and i got to shake his
hand (that's how fucking close we were!!!!!).

so, as you can tell, it was a great night. my ears are
still ringing a little, my neck is sore from the head
banging, and my arms and legs are bruised. god i loved
every second of it. i got to see lots of mowhawks, and
tons and tons of freak boys. definitely a night to
remember. wish rammstein could have played, but it still
kicked ass. i love freaks so much!

ok, i guess that's about it. talking to a friend, and i
need to pay more attention to her...so, that's all for

oh, one more thing...corey (singer of slipknot...yeah,
we're on a first name basis, lol) was getting ready to
sing 'heretic anthem' (great song), and he told everyone to
shut up. of course, we all did...lol. he started talking
about the tragedy on sep 11, and he basically told everyone
to stop hating innocent people in this country, and hate
those responsible (bin laden the cocksucker, as he put
it..lol). he said that hate crimes had gone up like 60%,
and that had to stop. i think that was really responsible
and admirable of him. there are people in these crowds
that would do anything slipknot tells them to do, so i
think it kicks ass that he would send a message like that.
ok, that's really it. buh bye.