Empty Canvas
2001-10-28 17:23:55 (UTC)

Wandering Paintbrushes

I really wish i could see chris alot more then i do, I've
only seen him on 2 dates so far, it seems like the internet
is the ONLY thing keeping us in touch. Sigh*** Halloween is
coming up- you should see all the candy we have, we got
tons of it- two whole pumpkins full!!! lol, i guess im the
one who will be giving out candy again, like always, for
once i wish i could be the one going out to haunted houses
and halloween parties, I've never been to any my entire
life, and for once i would like to go, but my parents can't
stay up late enough to give out candy, and my sister is
going out with friends...so guess who is stuck out at home-
me. I guess if we have any candy left over i will just get
depressed and eat the leftovers....sigh*** I seem to be
missing something in my life.-dagger.

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