Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-10-28 17:23:40 (UTC)

a gun!!!

my dad bought another gun. he already had two pistols, y
did he have to bye a shot gun? oh well, i kinda think it's
cool, he let me hold it any it's like so heavy. it aeighs
like 10 pounds, maybe i'm exagerating but it's really
heavy. he said that one day he is gona teach me how to use
it, he's gonna take me to a shooting range and teach me how
toi aimand all that stuff. all i gt say is "cool". i think
it'll be fun brb....okay, i went to go get something to eat.
I went to a bar mitzva last night, it lasted to 12:30
at night. i was so much fun, i was freak dancin with my
friend avi(i swere were just best friends), it was so fun,
even i'm not the best dancer, i can dance. anyway, it was
soooooo much fun. and all the popular/ditsy girls wouldent
damnce and they kept watching me and lookin at me like i
was i slut. icant belive it, but i dont care, theywere
missing out, not me! it was there loss. and amy zitleman(a
dits in oure school) kept following elan(the bar mitzva boy)
and i never gotta chance to dance wit him. imma tell him
tomorrow. i'm so dissapointed, but, oh well. i shouldent
make a huge deal about it. his loss! lol!!! i used to have
a crush on elan, but i guess it hasent really gone away,
ive been ignoring it. i kno he doesent like me so i'm just
really good friends with him. he's really sexy and i guess
i do wanna go out wit him. but i cant so i should just
forget it. there is this cute guy in the 8th grade named
seth. maybe i should try him. naw! i'm jus gonna fool
around wit all the guys and see wat happens. maybe i'm jus
meant to be friends with guys, i always get along with them
so well. i'm not a tom girl though. but i jus always like
to be part of thre groupe. guys are really cool once u get
past the obnocshis part.

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