Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2001-10-28 17:00:26 (UTC)

stupid english teacher...

sorry i havent gotten a chance to write inna while i
gotta lotta stuff to write though. uch, i hate my stupid
english teacher, she is sooooo mean. and i'm not sayin that
cuz she gave me extra h/w or anythoing, i'm sayin thi cus
she really is a bad tacher, i'm seriouse. she is so spoiled
and she always hase to get her way, always. she is
extreamly rude and scarry, verry scarry(not the way she
loks).i'm scared of her, i really am. she is so mean to us
(the whole class). she even said that we all were in her
class cuz we had "special learning needs". fuch her, i dont
care wat the hell she thinks about me. i'm a lot smarter
now than she'll ever be!!!! at least i have friends. i
doubt she has any cuz no one wants to hang out with such a
mean person. one day i'll do something to piss her off. i
think i'll go up to her and show her that i'm smarter than
her. i'll take the poem i got published in a book (the book
is called "at waters edge") show her the book and say: "I
doubt u could write anything like this!" but that would be
mean. i really wish for once i wasn't just "a child" and i
could teach adults something about life. adulst think they
r soooo much smarter than us just beacause they have been
arond longer. i hate that! i think that if our parents
listened to us then they wouls actually learn someting, i
really think kids know a lot more about living than our
parents do. i really think so.

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