aris' thoughts
2001-10-28 16:43:37 (UTC)


well i know why i had such bad feelings yesterday and its
not pretty still. i got a letter from some asshole who
basically is threatening me to fess something i am innocent
of. this person clearly has it for my sis and is pointing
fingers and accusing me of being with my sissies Master in
real life. this is cruel and viscious and after not
sleeping hardly at all i realize that i must be careful in
this time in how i react, how i speak and most of all i
must make sure to follow every instruction to a T that my
Mistress gives me. i am furious that i would be targeted in
such an act of evil. i keep out of others business and
never cause any trouble for anyone. i am a very simple
submissive person who fell in love with one i call Mistress
and use this damn computer as my way of communicating with
Her. my past again is creaping on me and it sucks but i
know i am only one to blame for that part, but who do i
blame for dragging me into others lives? i have nothing to
do with my sis or her Masters relationship and actually it
has always been that way. i listen and give huggs to my sis
when she is hurt but never do i offer advise, i simply tell
her its not my place to speak opinions cause after all ....
its not. i am angry with Sir, for i feel it is His
behaviour that causes a lot of the confusion, and secretly
here i will say i wish He would just release my sis and let
her get on with her life. i know sis is no angel but now
all their problems i feel are my problems as well. one
thing i do know, my Mistress owns me and all i am and have,
wether it be in this chat place or not. my Mistress, is
strong , very strong and luckily for me all my loyalty and
devotion, all my love of serving and being Hers has gained
trust. i feel over lucky to have a REAL Mistress who can
see thru bullshit, and She knows that i am hers and that i
am overly honoured to be such. there is nothing in this
world that could ever EVER make me risk what Mistress and i
have. vp sucks i know now it always has, always will i dont
want to be around Sir or sis no more i dont need it all i
need is my Mistress love and guidance.