My Life.............
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2001-10-28 16:31:31 (UTC)

boring Sunday............

nothing to do today, just sit around and watch tv i
suppose, on tv land they are showing different strokes, i
love that show and its on all weekend, well, it was, today
is the last day.LOL i guess ill be watching that, and i got
a new c.d so ill go back and forth.:)
Jeffy wont be home till tomorrow *sigh* and if he comes on
aim ill be so happy....:)
tomorrow have to pick tay up from school, watch them till
bout 5 then one of H.'s friends is supposed to babysit till
she gets home, i dont know how well thatll work out, we
will see.LOL
Wednesday is trick or treat night around here, H. and I
will be taking tay out, i might buy her another costume,
the one H. got her is for a boy and stupid.LOL ill buy
something at the dollar store if i get out that way,
anything is better than what she has now, i cant believe H.
got her that, if she would have waited i would have gotten
her something... sheesh!!!!!!!