Electric monkey
2001-10-28 16:12:37 (UTC)

10-28-01 [makin' love in the green grass, behind the stad-ium with you]

hehehe... im home now. actually its the next morning.
yesterday was full of fun and excitment. from 10am-11:30pm.
=) the time seemed to go so quickly.
Ben bought a cool tape of some guy at tracks. then the tape
wouldnt work, so we took it apart and glued it back
together [the lil wheel inside was broken] and then we put
it back together, and it worked! hehehe.. that was fun..
towards the end of the night graham showed me a cool
program he has on his comp. its a music writer thingy. and
i wrote a song called "monkey-head". and it was freakin
awesome. and i did it all by myself. picked the notes that
is. i was excited. it sounded kinda weird. =P heheh.. i had
an acoustic guitar, electric bass and sitar. =)
oops, while we were in the kitchen, i noticed grahams pants
were way baggy and big so i proceeded to yank them, and
hahhahahha.... hrm. didnt know they'd fall all the way
down. so i ran away, while laughing really hard. so i made
my way down to the basement where his comp is. and i wrote
that journal right before this one. but he found me. i
guess taking his belt off wasnt a good idea. =PPP

nuff of that. im sure graham is bored with reading this.
oops and i accedentally hit submit, but im back now. "editing" this
i got my senior photos back the other day. they are nice, and i like
them all. im glad i didnt go to Sheldon. woohoo. hes annoying.
leaving messages on the machine every 2 seconds. yep, anyway. i put
on of them on my about page. although i croped it and such, on
photoshop. anyway. ill go now. =)
bye bye.

PS- im going to carve my pumpkin today! its a little late, but yay....