Heart of Tanglewood

The Ravings of a Teenage Girl
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2001-10-28 16:11:42 (UTC)


Today is my parents 21rst year of marriage. We all went out
to see a movie to celebrate. We saw "from hell" I can say
that it was an awful movie. It was so gory and violent that
it disgusted me. It wasn't even a mystery either it was so
obvious from the beginning who the killer is.

None of my clothes fit me anymore. I've been a size eight
for 2 or more years now, but I've lost about 15 pounds since
the beginning of Sep. Not like I did it on purpose I just
haven't been eating much since I started school. It really
kind of sucks though cause I don't have a single pair of
pants that fit me.

Last night I had really weird dreams, I dreamt that I went
out on a date with J** (a boy from my school) I’m not even
remotely interested in. I dreamed he asked me out which
would be a big deal b/c no boy has actually asked me out
before. It was a weird dream apart from that. I have weird
dreams though. One night, I dreamed I was in a musical with
a boy from my school who's like a punk. He and I where
dancing around in a circle with other people and singing some
stupid song. I didn't know the words and he did so he was
helping me out with singing. A total opposite of his
personality, he is usually insulting and mean to me and, he
hates to participate in any activity especially a dorky
musical. Anybody got any analysis on this? P.S: I used to
flirted a little but we sort of blew eachother off. (even
though I've still got a bit of a crush on him, I don't show
it cause he's a jerk)