Muh Diary..about my boring ass life
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2001-10-28 15:51:46 (UTC)

Blah (really short)

Well,like 98% of the guilt I was feeling about friday is
gone... so Im in a better mood :) So now Im just kinda
waitin on Beth (Im nosy and wanna know what Mike C said
after we left) Cuz I know Mike W was going over to her
house yesterday,and she was gonna ask yanno...ugh
Im in soooo much pain-my thighs hurt from friday (dunno why
tho),my back hurts from the way I slept,I think I pulled a
muscle or 2 in my right arm,and my teeth hurt from my
braces getting tightened last wed...(u'd think the pain
would be gone by now!) I swear any1 who wants to lose
weight should get braces...u cant eat like ANYTHING!So
anyways...Im just sittin here...talkin to Dave on
AIM...listenin to "What a Day" by Nonpoint,and being bored
out of my mind because theres nothing to do AT ALL... I
wanna go back to bed,but then Ill be up really late tonight
cuz I wont be able to fall asleep. :( I have my field trip
this thursday,so that should be interesting -sigh- We are
going to Aurora,NY...(like a 1 1/2 hr drive-ON A FRICKIN
BUS!grrrrr)So umm yah....that should be *fun* -sigh- well
Im going now,cuz I have nuthin else to say really...