Chelle's Thoughts n' collections
2001-10-28 15:16:35 (UTC)

here we go

Well i seem to be "slacking" or something on this
whole "online diary" thing.
It kinds cracks me up because i was SURE that even though i
never seem to keep the whole "hand written" ones going...
i figured id manage to type enough to do this.
I will try harder for all you avid Chelle~Diary reading

Lets see...
This week was really really busy. It was McKinley
Week...which means ALOT of school spirit....ALOT of work
for telepro students =)
but we dont mind...its fun.
Plus it was proficiency week too so we didnt have to be
there till 9:35am. (unless ur a moron who hasnt passed
them yet).
I was the announcer with my Trusty Sidekick Amy Kidder
for both the rally and the annual beat mck. parade downtown
friday night...
haha n' keithy told me im the only one in this town (of
many who've announced)..that does a decent job.
Saturday was the big game.
We had to be at the school by 9:30 to head over to "The
Drip" as we like to call it. (fawcette stadium).
set up took forever and a year because we had to run so
much wire for camera 3...
it ended up takin like 4spools.
I did sideline reporting.
but we will get into that in a minute.
Haha we had a bunch of laughs over "getting shot" since
we were in canton.
we make it sound like downtown los angeles or something
which cracks me up.
sideline went pretty well other than my hand got hurt
when some #44 from McK ran into me and my hand bent kinda
Oooh and i felt pretty damn bad for this chick in the
stands because she was sittin there with her lil b/f and he
was BLATANTLY checking me u couldnt NOT was so obvious...and shes just sittin there givin
him dirty looks.

The game was SO pressuresome. It was just back and forth
and back and forth.
Sold out game...over 20,000 in attendance.
Mckinleys band was completely WACK though.
They not only completely dissed our band thats 10000 times
better than them (hmm wonder why we are the ones playing
with NFL bands and they arent...)
and they also gave us the message "Yo Momma" over the loud
But just as to be expected the TIG~ERS chant and
many "boo's" followed from the tiger fans...and were so
loudd their band couldnt even be heard.

IT was prolly the most suspenseful game ive ever been to.
i mean one min it looked like one would win..the next it
was flipped.
It pretty much all came down to the last 2mins of play.
Massillon scored a TD with extra point...making the score
29~26 massillon.
after that there was a minute and 8seconds left in the game.
Mck...did not give up.
they got the ball all the way down to our tiger 13.
but in the final 10seconds Craig McConnell intercepted the
pass to the i said
and that we did for the 3rd year in a row.

After takedown of course me and steph and chris and "chris
#2" headed downtown for the party.
Now im sure alot of u dont understand unless uve been
but when we beat Mck...the WHOLE TOWN is downtown with a
truck blasting music and people dancing in the streets and
drinking in bw3's or Scorchers.
its just fun...u cant help but not Love this towns.
Its honestly a true varsity blues town.

We went to bw3's and watched the replay of the game and ate.
didnt leave till almost 11.
it was just good times.

well im gonna go