I am a goddess
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2001-10-28 15:00:58 (UTC)

into the old routine

well, its been about a week and i lasted all that time
until today where my dad made me feel like a big fat cow.
He kept going on at me for eating junk and picking at food
instead of eating proper meals. He told me this as he sat
there with his bag of crisps and his pears about 5 minutes
before we were to have dinner.
Then we had dinner and i had an extra piece of chicken and
he kept on going on at me for eating it an making me feel
like i was really fat and he said something behind my back
which my mam flipped at. He made me feel really bad by
slating and announcing every single hing i put into my
mouth, whilst adding 'Are you reslly going to eat that?' it
wouldnt be so bad if he was grossly overweight himself. Its
so hypocritical and it made me feel really bad so i felt so
fat and insecure that i went straigt to the bathroom and
threw up everything just the way i used to. I regret it but
if my dad and my mam keep on doing that to me i dont think
that i can stop because they make me feel really bad about
myself.I don't know what to do. I really can't deal with