2001-10-28 14:55:48 (UTC)


Am I as insane as I believe? Do others believe it too? Am I
insane? Do you think so? I'm scared, y'all. i see people,
everywhere. Happy people. Do they know not of what's going
to come of them? Of us all? Or do they choose to dismiss
it? I really hate when people just...Dismiss things as if
they are unreal. This is real, people. We ARE at war. We
WILL die. We WILL be under Arabs rule! Get it carved into
your brain!!!

I think I'm suffering of lack of sleep and lack of
companionship. I've managed to stay single this long...Can
I keep it up? I miss Ayr...I hope I see him soon. Daren
keeps saying he loved me. I don't reply. I think he notices
but, he keeps quiet. Mit just noticed I'm acting
strange...I don't think I am. Do you? Other people have
told me I have been acting strange, too. I just can't see

I made Shelly shut up about David, only temperarily. She'll
call today and have a 3 hour convo with me, about him. God.
It really sucks when you can't shout, "I DON'T CARE! I LOVE
AYR!" cuz she has no clue who he is. Life is that way, I

Anyone want updates on grades? Oh well. I have an A in
everything I think...Maybe not Math...Oh well. Drop me a
line, y'all. Love-Hope