My life as told by ME!
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2001-10-28 12:21:36 (UTC)


First entry, I don't know what to say... hrm.
Yesterday I bought two issues of Arsenic Lullabye and 3
issues of Just a Pilgrim. See me smile. I really need to
have a vacation. Or at least a date- the date is coming
first- dinner and movie (K-PAX) with Tucker this Friday-
and possibly a They Might Be Giants concert that Sunday due
to lack of MMTV (THANK YOU NHS!)Bah- I think I spend too
much brain power on him and not enough on school...or maybe
not- I am getting Bs and As so I can expend the brain
power. Well I gotta run now- I have work at Juice n Java at
8. I am starting to not like it as much but it pays for my

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