Evil Elvis
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2001-10-28 11:16:12 (UTC)

Extra hour.....my arse!!

What a wash out these weekend-things are proving to be...

In a tragically inept display of rock n rollness, I found
myself in bed at 10.30 last night-A SATURDAY NIGHT NO

Things are really getting to me at the moment...nothing
really heavy, just...things. I keep forgetting to take all
my medication which has an adverse affect in just about
every way, but I still don't make the effort to remember..

I went to the bank yesterday, just to check things....I am
now almost £200 overdrawn....OH and indeed FUCK!

Got up this morning to come into work thinking "yeah 11ish
start, get done for lunhctime and go out and
socialise...DOH!!! My PC then tells me it's actually only

Then I get a phone call from some wanky accountant
downstairs who noticed I was in and wanted his PC fixed...I
explained in a very nice way that I was in work to perform
a very specific task and that he should call the
Helpdesk...he explained in a very nice way how he would be
reporting my unhelpful-ness to my manager...