Wow It's Matt!
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2001-10-28 11:13:52 (UTC)

What an awesome day!

What's up guys? This is only a temporary journal until I
can get an Open Diary account because the HTTP500 Internal
Server is down. If you don't know what that means, I'll
explain. More or less all this means is that one of the
computers that is used by the domain name server (in other
words if you had a .com name and it was on Angelfire then
it would be controlled by a computer or many computers)
has crashed or has frozen. Anway, enough of the boring
shit and onto a day in the life of Matt.

Ok. Since it's considered Sunday (6:50 AM) yesterday
around 11 and I had had Justin sleep over on Friday Night.
We ate breakfast and stuff and Justin went to go get a
haircut. He said he'd be back around 3, and then later
called to tell me he couldn't because he was going to a
Halloween party at Washington Oak School. Oh Bummer

First thing in the morning rating: :-( -1
Score for the day: -1

Now, when I went online later that day, I talked to
Squiggs (Steve) and he said he was gonna drop by. So I was
kinda psyched cuz I haven't chilled with Squiggs in like 2
weeks. So Steve showed up at like 7:00 or so. So right now
it's been 12 hours of nothing but Squiggs. What a day lol.
But anyway, back to my day. After Squiggs came over we
popped a couple Adderols (Squiggs had 2, I only had 1).
God damn was I feelin good or what? lol. Then, since we
were totally fucked up we went to the dance at Coventry
High School. There was only one problem. Steve graduated
last year, and I'm only a Freshmen. So we came up with a
plan so that I would keep the lady checking the Student
ID's busy while Squiggs snuck around the corner and got in
the gym. I then showed the lady my ID, and we were both in!

Later in the night rating: :-D 2
Score for the day: 1

Well, we're inside the gym, and since Adderol speeds up
your heart, everything else in your body speeds up too;
including your bladder. So me and Squiggs were making
bathroom breaks every 5-10 minutes tops. At times we were
in there, pissed, came out, went back in, and pissed
again. Anyway, the Adderol was one of the funnest things
I've ever done...even better than Extasy :-D Plus it's
LEGAL! HOLY SHIT! All you have to do is go to the ADD
clinic near K-Mart in Warwick, Rhode Island (over near
Kent County YMCA) and act excessively hyper and stupid,
and you get a bottle of 30 Adderol. Now, since I gave you
this information, you must give me 10 out of the 30
adderol. And Squiggs gets 10 too. So in the end, me, you,
and Squiggs all get 10 Adderol to fuck us up beyond
recognition. How great is that! Oh yeah, and PS, get the
30 mgs, not the pussy 5 mgs.

Getting Fucked up rating: