2001-10-28 10:36:22 (UTC)

1st day ( all over agian )

Dear everybody,

As I know, this is my 1st day ( for this diary )
I'm bored with myself! Always changing sites.
I don't know why... Probably because I want the best site to
write my diary.

Let's start my day!

Today is daylight saving day!
For somepeople who don't know this day, we change the time
foward 1 hour. That's in Australia. I don't know about other
countries, though.

I went to Yum Cha, East Ocean. I think The taste is getting
By the way. I bought a book today named " Why me?".
I think it is the right book for me.
I actually, at first, didn't like the cover.
I read the back of the book and I think it has something to
make me finish it, though.
I hope it has...

I have a couple of books which I haven't finish.
I think it's quite boring although I bought it.

I love reading!

That's all I can say today.

I'm quite sure I won't get on the Internet this week.

So see you next Friday or Saturday!

Have a nice week.


PS. I hope you guys wil come to read my Diary again.