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2001-10-28 10:11:11 (UTC)

Friends and the problems that come with them

dear diary, ime really excited today cuz my best friend
Jaeger Needham is coming to stay with her sisters Liberty
and Elloise to stay at my house for 3days.I have lots of
stuff planed out (of that we are goin to do)
Recantly Jaeger went out with one of my mates Hame
Richmond (hes my X) but then for no apparent reason she
cheated on him WITH 3 OTHER GUYS!!!! at this party. At
first everyone that went to this party was telling hame to
dump her cuz of wot she had done.But he took no notise.Then
in mine and his english class (we sit next to each other)
this guy Jack Davidson (how sits next to ME) told me and
him everything.Jaeger being my best mate i was screaming NO
SHE DIDN'T and i almost got sent to the headmaster's
ofice.Hame was shocked.And yes she was dumpped.But the
wierd thing is she coulnd't care less. Hame and all his
mates hate her i did to i stiil do in some way.But its hard
to stay mad at her.
I would never do that to my BoyFriend
i havn't got the hart

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