Lost Slut
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2001-10-28 09:35:40 (UTC)


what a night i just got back from gay town with my
brother..every freak that could dress in drag was
there..they said that last year there was 100,000 there..i
think they beat them this year..thank goodness that my
mistress was not on hand she would have had me interveiwing
all the x-dressers to find out were they did their
shopping..i had my gay-dar on high alert..i was the subject
of a few men that made pass's at me..i'm not gay..oh was a freaky night..some of the girl on girls
were hot..what a waste of good brother told me
that they had a bigger dick than i did..maybe they did..the
sad story is that he is close to being right..well i only
have a few days untill i see my mistress..i am pumped
up..she had a few new items that she wanted on e-bay..thank
goodness she lost out on a very sexy short black
telling what would have happened if she would have gotten
that..well its getting late..later