Tell it as it is!
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2001-10-28 08:48:28 (UTC)


My little G is a right socialite - at the grand old age of
18 months!

Last night we went to Annies for fireworks - only good old
Annie was not ready - her father in law was making
cheesecake base, her builder started the cheesecake which I
completed, Susan was making salads and setting tables and
Neil was looking after loads of kids whilst Colin and P had
a guided tour. P thought the house was great - so why does
he not look at this sort of thing for us???

The bonfire was lit and we all trooped out - 4 babies, 5
kids, 6 ladies and 7 fellas. The bonfire went brilliantly
(luckily the rain held off all day) and Colin and the mad
Irishman began the fireworks. P had brought the loudest
bangers he could find - and boy were they loud! Despite my
warning Colin decided to start off with two of these and
they echoed around the local villages! I think all the
adults there imagined this is what it must be like at
present in Afganistan. Typically though the children did
not like it. Before we were half way through the pile of
fireworks the crowd had dwindled to 2 ladies, 4 fellas (two
doing the fireworks) and 2 babies - and these two were none
other than G and Theo (of course!) G wasn't too sure to
start with but she soon got her confidence (once her cuddly
was in her hand) and she was shouting "bang" evry time one
went up. Even P's loud bangers made her laugh. When they
weren't making alot of noise there was obviously a lot of
stars and she kept doing the twinkle action with her
hands. I think she loved it and luckily there is another
firework event we can take her to next week.

All too soon it was time to go in and grab some food -
there was only 5 chairs around the table and G had one!
Then she began to eat - cheese, pineapple, sausage roll,
bread, sausages, crispie cake. She had a great time and
loved being centre of attention - showing them all her
animal noises. It was great to see how she behaved around
the others whilst P was there and he even commented on how
much more developed she seems than them.

Afterwards we sat in the green room and chatted. G had
really got her confidence by then and had disappeared into
the depths of the house. All we could hear was this voice
shouting "bang" every now and then.

Overall it was a brilliant night. It was nice to feel so
comfortable with a group of people (half of which we did
not know) and at last, after 6 years here, I am beginning
to feel that we have some nice friends. And for once they
are my friends, not initially Ps.