2001-10-28 08:27:50 (UTC)

How could someone do this to anyones....

..Well this basically all started several months ago...but
im going to skip forward thru most of it. Well..My ex..she
cheated on me for the several months which we were going
out..and after i found out i basically told her that i dont
want anything to do with her...the other week..she called
me up and said that she was preggers with my kid..and is
having an abortion...after she had the abortion she asked
if i could pay have of the cost, which i thought was fair
enough...then when i was talking to a friend of mine which
talks to her, and my ex didnt realise i still talk to this
friend, told me that my ex told her that the guy she was
cheating on me with was the father of the child..and my
friend didnt realise that my ex didnt tell me that and just
put it the conversation that we were having at that
time..and i said what..my ex told me that i was the
father.. so my friend was telling me about this guy and
when she first noticed him going out with my ex...and it
worked out that she was cheating on me with him...and i
called her up the day after i found out, and told her that
we both knew that i wasnt the father and that she isnt
getting any money off me...and that i dont want to hear
from her ever again...then hung up... I mean how can
someone do this to me...or anyother person for that
matter...She put me thru hell..and i havent really been the
same since...yesturday was out with friends...and just
seeing parents with their kids..just sent me into another
spiral of depression.. But im better todays...i have got 2
wonderful friends which helped me thru it..
..so we shall see how i go from now on..whether its pretty
much all out of my system and only little of the memory
will remain...if im lucky...the memory will dissappear..