pollen makes me sneeze
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2001-10-28 06:17:42 (UTC)

laziness and on being insane

i am so slack with keeping this diary. sometimes i'm really
good and i write in it almost everyday but most of the time
i write in this twice a month or something.
stuff's been happening.
i'm off to camp next week, muahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i have
brought clothes and junkfood and it's going to be FUN,
despite the fact we got the crap camp site. on the other
hand, we got better teachers [except miss allen].
i went shopping friday nite with elizabeth at forest hill.
after wavos that has to be the crappiest shopping centre of
earth. i bought a top and she bought two tops and because
she's a naughty girl she swappyed the pricetags in the
changing rooms with other tops and got them cheaper. then
we went watched "america's sweathearts" and got home around
i love alicia keys. love, love her. well, not her, her
songs more like it. i have to have to get her album!!!!! i
also love blu cantrell and that new song by the corrs and i
want jewels new album too and yeah...................
i am learning how to use html [and about bloody time too].
somebody's calling me...