Screaming Cathedrals
2001-10-28 05:47:11 (UTC)


The fetish ball Friday night was pretty awesome. The bands
sucked... but the suspensions were awesome.
I got LOTS of pics, except for their last set, which was
the best one...ARGH! They had a crucifixion, rite of
passage style.... and I had already used all my film on the
other ones.... and thought I had more pics left... but I
didn't! GAH! Ah well.. maybe next time.

I got sick... I think I got it from April and/or Scooter.

Sat we saw Jon's
brother David that came down from TN. He brought his
roomates, too. They were pretty nifty. I'm glad his family
likes me... it'll make it a whole lot easier for us all to
get along and stuff. :D
That and it's really flattering that his family likes and
respects me, because according to Jon they've not liked one
of his previous girlfriends... so this is a good change for
him as well.

I'm tired.. so I'm signing off. I have to work tomorrow and
I'm hoping to try to sleep off this cold. *cough cough*


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