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2001-10-28 02:25:14 (UTC)

Some Angel work - I need to setup me

Today Saturday afternoon I helped some oldest friend to
find his path. He was sick and was in City Park of my
home town. We go to some places and act in some scenes.
At beginning of night I was back to nearest town of home
I met some another oldest friend. Because of journey at
uptown with sick friend I ask her phone number. I was
intended to give number to my sick friend that had liked
so much her. But she didn't authorize me to give number.
He was obsessive for her. But the number is with me now.
Way that I met next mission to me. Help her.
I'm good to acting as an Angel. Or good for angels use me.
I met newest friends of outside street. I noticed that I
need to setup me to get more from my friends. I'm so cold
for it. Althought I could help, notice and advice about
friends. Therapy was over many weeks ago. And I didn't
replace myself to get feelings back.
I have not contact with my Petcat anymore. I don't paint
ceramic. I have no much place to open my heart and really
have contact with friends.
I can't talk to cats as I could before. I can't see the face
of caterpillars. I don't watch for plants grow in garden.
I am not waiting for new experiences to make me happy.
I was with pet cats for eight years and they supported my
life as brothers could do. Some cared me as mother other
supposed to be children. They was a very own family.
I feel no fear no sorrow and no loneliness. If I was so
I wouldn't notice it till to late for my friends.
I will try to evolute love and hate to anything more.
I will open my heart.

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