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2001-10-28 05:23:47 (UTC)

The new girl

So theres this girl.
I remember sitting there at the out n about meeting like
usual and it was really crowded that night. there was this
girl sitting in the chair across from me, with a little
bandana on and her legs up on the chair without her shoes
on. the minute i saw her i thought she was such a babe, and
that was the kind of girl that i would like.
i was sitting on the bench one day waiting to go to math
and i saw her, she walked past me into the commons, again
with a bandana on an a cute little sweater. my heart jumped
as she walked past and i got so nervous.
so there was another meeting and i was hoping that she
would be there, it was in one of those dorms and as soon as
i walked into it i saw her there sitting on the couch. i
got so nervous again and i kind of just hid in the back.
and of course what happens, i get called up by jj to do
this thing. but it was great because he called her up there
and i just kind of was looking at her and then he called me
so i had to go up and stand next to her. it was funny and i
didnt know what to say, so im pretty sure i just made some
stupid comment. but we talked a little and that was that.
it was great and it made my night. i really think that i am
anyway when i got home that night i couldnt stop thinking
about how cute she was and i didnt want that to be it, i
wanted to talk to her again. so i debated about calling and
well it took me forever but i did it. and i stuttered and i
mumbled and it was great, but i did it.
we hung out at diversions the next night and it went ok i
thought, we talked a lot, even though i could barely hear
her and we danced. she was a babe!
i thought after that she was not interested at all because
everytime we were supposed to hang out or something she had
something to do or couldnt make it. but we finally did go
out. we went for coffee and talked. we talked about a lot
of stuff and i was so damn nervous the whole time. i even
blew a red light on the way there. we came back to my
apartment after and just kidna sat around for a while. and
the whole time she was sitting next to me on the couch i
just wanted to reach over and kiss her, but i held it in. i
drove her home and she gave me a hug, and then another
little hug and was talking a bit, i just leaned in and kind
of put my hand on her neck and gave her a little kiss,
nothing big just a little kiss, and pulled away. she was so
cute, she got this big smile on her face and put her head
into my shoulder and hugged me. then looked at me and
kissed me again. and we kissed for a little while. she
would give my lip like these tiny little bites it was cute.
the way she kisses is amazing.
and she was gone...
so now we have been hanging out more and more, just taking
it slow. so slow for me. but i like it because its like i
dont want to rush into anything with her i dont want it to
be like i always am. sometimes its like i dont know if i
should do more or not, i get so nervous.
i really like her though, lately shes been on my mind all
the time and i just want to spend time with her, get to
know her more.
thursday when i drove her home, it was freezing and i
didnt grab my coat, i was shivering and she leaned over and
held me while i drove. she had her face kind of pressed
against my back and shoulder and just held me to keep me
warm. it was so cute and i didnt want to take her home.
she just does little thigns that make me feel good, like
when we the movie ends and we walk out of the theatre, she
grabs onto my arm or puts her arms around me. and when we
are driving she leans in and tries to sit close to me. the
way she plays with my hair when we lay on my bed and feels
my arms when i lean over her. its like it is when you start
something new with someone, i notice everything and
everything excites me.
so for now things are good and i so happy, its like i have
this constant smile on my face because of her. shes just
this girl that i cant seem to get out of my head and i love

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