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2001-10-28 05:11:58 (UTC)

parents' weekend

well my mom and aunt didn't make it but my dad drove, spur
of the moment, 4 hours to see me. he actually hung out
with me and my friends late last night at big al's. this
morning we went to brunch and hung out at a reception. i
showed him around the campus afterward. we went to
letchworth state park for the whole afternoon. some of my
friends had been there before and they said it was
awesome. well, they were right. its known as the grand
canyon of the east. the genessee river seemed so small but
when i saw the canyon it had dug and the waterfalls it
produces, i was amazed. there's this huge railway trestle
that crosses it too. a long time ago it was wooden and held
the record for the world's biggest wooden bridge. the
falls were so amazing to. they could definitely rival
niagara falls only because these ones are so much easier to
see and get right up next to. after that, he took me out
to dinner at the genesse falls hotel. that place is so
original inside. they even have an old wall intact that
shows the water mark from some big flood. the dining room
was incredible. there were so many victorian pictures on
the walls and they had a huge (indescribable) wine-bar
thingy. we had escargot for an appetizer. that was a new
experience - not a bad one either. my salad had homemade
blue cheese dressing and the rolls were homemade too. the
main entree was filet mignon with stuffed potatoes. it was
freaking awesome!