2001-10-28 05:05:56 (UTC)


feel this thunder
eat it gently
savor it's taste
bathe in its excrements
laugh in its face
pity its sacrifice
love the pain
yearn to burn
but desire the fire
listen to the mockingbird
wound its breast
sob over the dead
let rest the broken
water the weed
tend to its need
yet ignore mine
let me rest in my shadow
where the sun dare not kiss
pass the dirty
and let those envy your bliss
spare the rod
let the black sheep graze
tend to your studies
for they shock and amaze
rub my bruises
clean my cuts
start again slowly
grow like the rust
watch the rain swell
bless clouds shifting North...
feel the thunder approaching
watch Satan contort
love making at noon
beating hearts
women swoon
say love as though blundered
but still feel this thunder