this thing called life
2001-10-28 05:00:18 (UTC)


What a week. I had three, count em, three dates with ex
girlfriends. All three of whom I had, at various times in
the recent past, regretted no longer seeing. Two of whom I
broke up with, the third, and most recent, broke up with
me. In the end, I realized how much the one I really
wanted to see was #3.

I really hate the potential humiliation that can come with
chasing after someone who doesn't want you. I've never
been one to do so as a result but I have been on the other
end of that dynamic. So, when #3 and I went out, I played
it close to the vest. I asked about why she had ended it
but was reluctant to tell her (beg in my mind) that I
wanted her back. Luckily for me, that is exactly what she
wanted anyway (although at the proverbial "slower" pace).

Now that this has been addressed, I'm not sure when I'll
see her again! She has temporarily moved away but does come
back now and then. Well, I need to get over that and just
be happy that we'll get another chance.

Am I a total loser for wanting to be with someone so