My Crazy Messed Up Life
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2001-10-28 04:10:29 (UTC)

My job ain't worth the pay!!

I have been doing nothing but working the last 2 days. I am
really starting to hate my job. I almost quit twice on
Friday night...the only thing that kept me there was the
fact that I have bills to pay. Between going to school
fulltime and working crazy shifts I'm starting to feel
really burnt out. Not much has gone since I last wrote, not
anything worth writing about anyway. My mom and I had a
little fight...nothing new there though. SOmetimes I think
that she does things just to piss me off...oh well. Jane
informed me that she is going to be going to BC for three
months in January for some dance school thingy. I'm gonna
miss having her around...while she is away, this other girl
Nicole is going to be staying in her room. I don't know her
very well, but she seems pretty nice. She goes to school
with me I guess...I've never seen her there before though.
Anyway...that's about all I have to say for the time being.
I'm super tired, which doesn't surprise me...I woke up for
school on Friday at 6:00am, did the school thing and went
straight to work from school. I worked Friday night 5-1am,
went home slept for a few hours, and had to be back in for
9am. I was supposed to work 9-5 today, however i got stuck
doing a big girl shift (14 hours) because a girl ended up
calling in sick 45 minutes before her shift. So...needless
to say, I am pretty drained...and I'm trying to quit
smoking too...(day two..YAY!!) i am pretty bitchy and
irritable. I am going to go have a nice LONG bath, and go to
good night!