The Sexy Blonde
2001-10-28 04:04:27 (UTC)


Hello readers,

Hey all, okay answer to some questions. If you want a
guy go forth and get him, just be wild, go ask out a cute
guy. Yes My birthday went great I am now 15. My boyfriend
is 18 he will be 19 this coming november. My birthday was
great, my boyfriend got me a car, leather jacket, $700.00
gold necklace, and took me out to dinner.

My aunt sent me a gold ankel bracelet. My mom got me mom
polo boots a few months ago, for my birthday, and my uncle
sent me a $25 gift certificate for Kohls and my best friend
Vanessa suprised me Monday at school(day of my birthday)
with a big purple bag, of a teddy bear, and a huge
chocolate hersheys candy bar, and a cute card full of all
my intermediate friends signitures and others who knew be
but I didn't know them.

My birthday was perfect. Yes I'm going out with a
college man, he is my baby, my perfect husband. I want to
get married this December.

Well when my other relatives send me cards and they
have money in them I am going to collect all the money and
I am going to pierce my ears 12 more time 6 more on each
side. I have two now, but I want 7 on each side, a total of
14 all together. I can't wait!!! Well anyways. My boyfriend
is so sweet. I am just up waiting for my mom to get back in
town. My mom left to go fly up to Minnesota and rent a
truck so my brother could pack up his stuff an they were
going to drive back down , they should be back real late
tonight, or real early tomorrow or in the afternoon. I AM
NOT SURE. Damn it. Well I best go. I AM REAL tired. Have a
nice day! pleaze leave lots of notes. I love reading
notez ! Muahhhhhh *~! Jessica !~*

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