the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-10-28 03:44:11 (UTC)

beautiful men

i hate when all these really hot guys come in at work b/c
sometimes they will talk to me or innocently flirt with
me....but none of them have the balls to actually ask for
my #

maybe i just think they are hitting on me and im the one
who is making a fool of myself
thats another thing

i cant help that im an extremely flirtatious person
thats what makes me who i am
thats brings up another interesting ?
is that why i havent had a relationship last longer than 2
is it my fault?
i mean it bothers me that every single one of my friends
have had a lasting meaningful relationship amd i have had
shitty 2 month flings

heres a ? i often think there something wrong
with me?

oh well
i cant stop thinking about david and how excited i am that
he is coming to see me....there are so many things running
through my brain that i want to surprise him with
like places to go and things i just randomly think about
buying him...little things ....but those are the ones that
matter most
5 days...he will be here in 5 days

good night all
love you

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