Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2001-10-28 02:40:52 (UTC)

A Drunken Advantage

Last night I had the most amazing conversation with
this guy, Rick Sanders. I don't know if it meant anything
to him but we must have talked for about four hours. We
talked about everything. I told him about all of my views
on life and even about my family problems. I found out
that he turned out to be such a complex person who I would
have never confided in had I not been drunk. Befor we
talked that night we knew of eachother and I guess you
would call us aquaintences but besides that we had never
really talked. I'm used to shading myself in certain
situations with people that I talk to in school becasue the
majority of them are not deep people. We must have spent
half of the time just philosophising with one another.
Anyway I think I am about to go to Williams house and chill.