De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2001-10-28 01:17:19 (UTC)

Dark Forces

Saturday 27/10/2001

Alrite, I know I said no games or fun till the first 2
papers are over....but it's halloween!

Went out to Dark Forces, an underground halloween dance
party in a huge basement carpark at the James Smith Centre.
did not want to go initially...but heck, it only happens

Prem did my make up for me, which was hideous, which is
good of course : P... she wanted to go initially as well,
but her better senses told her to study instead...damm my
sociology paper betta not suffer too much...sighz...

so only me , luke and peter went...luke's getup was
scary...he made himself up to become some androgenous
geisha-kinda look...omigosh...damm i should have taken some
photo of him...pete did not wear any costumes...but he
borrowed some 'blood' from someone and smeared it all
over..i was like a devil from hell...with 'horns' over my
forehead...and aa huge spider on my was really a
challenge walking down the street to town in that kindof
look..pple were juz starin and freaky...

we went to this pre-party at the flat of luke's mate... it
was a huge flat..with 6 bedrooms...directly above an
electrical superstore downtown... the pple who lived in the
flat were mostly arty-farty they decorarted the
place with gothic, industrial, artsy stuff... while the
stereo was blastin some trippy music..we drank and explored
the place...and drank....and drank.... i was soon feelin so
light that i couldn't walk straight and dunno what the hell
i was talkin about... fuck.... lotsa scary lookin pple were
n the flat..andeverybody was juz socialising with one
another... i bet most of them do not even know each other it was really a big flirty pre-event warm-up party
for everyone who knows someone in the flat... very eyes-
wide-shut,...if u know what i mean....

got my ticket after a long queue..the lady gave me a
discount cos i was deadly lookin..woohoo... we left the
flat around then, we were all high on
alcohol....we were juz bumpin and laughin througout the
journey to the carpark... shit..i promised myself i'll
never get drunk again...but i did it... felt good
though...not like the other time where i puked shit out of
my throat....

we arrived aarounf 130am..the flat was really close to the
carpark...but we hadta queue there till around it was rainin and we were bitchin while
waiting...more scary pple there...losta pyscho nurses,
devils, chinese dragon-ladies, marshmallow man,
Jasons,,Freddys... there was this cool triio who were
dressed in devil's suit and performed juggling with flaming
torches in the alleyway...really surreal to see them
performin there...

we finally entered the was huge..there were 4
main dance venues...naturally we went to the D&B
section...the vibe was really powerful... but i was getttin
more tired by the minute, partly due to the alcohol, and
also the long wait... we danced...and dacned...till around
4am when i decided it was time to go for me... by then luke
and peter were stonin outside... i then said goodbye and
headed for macs where i had a nic supper...the macs guy
thought twice b4 givin me ketchup..and warned me not to
apply them on my face! sheesh.....

the night was really trippy for me... most of the time i
was not really conscious of what we did... but i think it
was great??

now i betta hit the books proper...exams tomoro!