Borrowed Light
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2001-10-28 01:03:59 (UTC)


forget everything you have ever read here and just read
this poem, it pretty much sums me up.

jason has to be one of the best unrecognised poets i have
ever heard of. he always writes so well and one day i can
only hope to be as good...


dreaming of pleasant times,
repressing pain and torment,
I grope for something real.
Slipping from my dreamscape,
falling deeper into the abyss of time,
drifting from level to level,
I am an old crumpled newspaper
blowing in the wind,
forgotten, yesterday's news,
tossed aside
and collecting dust.
The abyss grows darker, more empty,
leaving me hollow
and starving for substance.
Aching to be found,
yearning to be discovered
for who I am
and what I am,