2001-10-28 00:49:14 (UTC)

Basics for Saturday, October 27, 2001

Basics for Saturday, October 27, 2001


** Bake cherry pie
** Bake chocolate chip cookies
** Bake cupcakes for Halloween to decorate later
** Laundry



DINNER: Roast chicken with onions, potatoes, carrots, peas
with French bread (speical request from Owen)

QUILTING: Worked a little on binding for Leap! quilt

WHAT I LEARNED TODAY: University boys always bring their
dirty laundry with them when they come home to visit

READING: Baltimore Blues by Laura Lippman

WEATHER: Cloudy and cooler with highs in the mid 50's
(perfect baking weather)

SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW: Grocery shopping in Junction City,
decorate Halloween cupcakes, drive Owen back to Corvallis
in afternoon and pick up any books on reserve at the

QUOTE: The quail's taffeta-feathered wing, from which one
expects a dry taffeta whisper when the guail walks. ~ Rural
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