The Happier Life
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2001-10-28 00:38:58 (UTC)

From the past

Well I used to have a diary on, but I guess I
want to start a new diary with my new life in America, so
here it goes, in shortL I moved to America like 10 months
ago, it is almost going on 11 months, I go to college in
MA, it is great, well when I first got here, I did not
think so. I apologise for the fragmented thoughts that I
possess at this moment, I am actually at work while typing

One thing I will not get into is my past but I will talk
about the present and the future. Well I am majoring in
Computer Science at the moment, thinking of majoring on CS
and minoring in Spanish because I like the language and the
town that I live in is largely hipanic. Everyone around
here thinks I am hispanic too which can be good and bad.
Bad when latino people walk up to me and say," Que hora
es?" or "Que tal?" But when I first got here, everyone
assumed that me and this girl Pamela were brother and
sister because they saw us together alot of the time. She
is a friend of mine, and no more, I call her pequena
hermana sometimes because I am like 6 months older than
her. but she is actually like an inch taller than me.

Well I think I need to explain the greatest thing that
happened to me, well I found love. 5 months ago, but sheer
chance, I met the most wonderful lady in the world. Her
name is Lauren. Well its probably weird, but I guess, it
took me so long to realize that she really loves. I mean,
after 4 days I told her I loved her. That kind of thing is
not easy for me to do because I am not very good with
emotions. So I tried to tell her, but being the person that
I am I went on a totally different route, talking about
polotics of the world... etc.. because that is what I know
alot about. She bore with me, and out of the blue, I
decided to take my chance, so I said," I love you!" and
then she said something that really made me laugh inside,"
I feel the same way" It was weird because she put me
through all of that. But that was like the first step of
many to come. She means so much to me though, she has
taught me so much, I love her with all of my heart...

To be continued...


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