My Life Story
2001-10-28 00:18:08 (UTC)


Well, I've been home alone most of the day today. I hate
being home alone. It's nice for awhile, but after so long I
start thinking and eventually I just think way too much and
I make myself depressed. It's really....well, depressing.
So, what have I been thinking about tonight? Well, I've
come to the conclusion that just about everybody I've ever
even remotely considered a friend has been using me for one
reason or another. My friends use me for my room or to work
for them to make them look good. There's the people that
use me for rides. Then, all the guys I've ever felt close
to that have just used me to get some. Even my own parents
use me! They just keep me here to do their laundry, their
dishes, their dusting, their vacuuming, their shopping, and
to cook for them! It's crazy! For once I just want somebody
to think about me, and not just about what I have to offer

On another note....I was really hoping to go out or
something tonight but, as usual, I have nothing to do. I
was gonna go to this dance at the high school tonight, but
then I realized that the only reason I was going was to see
a friend of mine who is home for the weekend. It seemed
like a good enough reason until I was finally able to admit
to myself that this "friend" really didn't want to see me
so I figured there was no point in putting myself through
the agony of a school dance just for someone who doesn't
want to see me in the first place. So now I'm left with
nothing to do except sit at home, alone, and think....