Life as I know it.
2001-10-28 00:17:01 (UTC)

keepin it copacetic

So diary readers, deprived of my ramblings for a few day
huh? Kinda sucks doesnt it? Well there is a reason for no
ramblings, cause nothing has been going on besides me
getting drunk and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Indeed, it
is fun. Oh wait no, yesterday I did lunch with my friend
Jen, so we were bitching about men (quelle suprise huh?)
and im like "i hate men im becoming single for a while"
(cause i seriously need to work on myself and knowing of
what i wnt and the such cause hey, i do. So after that I
was walking up to Sam Goody to see my friend Kristin at
work cause i know she needed help with what to be for
Halloween, well Im walking up the street but whom do I
see? Ian (boy ihooked up with big time last saturday) and
im like thinking of how to get around this,and worrying he
isnt cool with what happened and the rest...but lo and
behold while i was thinking he is like "Hey Jenn" and so we
chit chatted for a bit, totally ignoring what happened on
Saturday night and went our seperate ways...yea! Last
night I also went to my friend star's halloween party with
Katie, Kristin, Jaqi, and Melinda...got dunk and had fun,
and ate taco bell and obviously passed out. THen today i
got up to do tis thing for psych, went and saw my friend
ryan whom i havent seen in like AGES, went to grab food and
came home to slack around and nap. Now im getting ready to
go get ciggs before Melinda picks me up in an hour to go to
James's party. Where I will proceed to drink get drunk eat
pass out. Ah the cycle of me life.