enter _ My ThOuGhTs _
2001-10-28 00:10:42 (UTC)


today, im bored =P im REALLY bored. *sigh* my sisters went
to knotts and flaggies went to a beach cleanup, so practice
ended early. i was SUPPOSED to go to an SAT II prep class
with stef, but.. eh. SORRY STEF, i was too lazy. our
homecoming game was yesterday. we won =) the score was 48 -
0 =) good job colts! it was fun seeing the alumnis again!
and you wanna know what was SWEET? well, its a NEW
tradition that the underclassmen of flaggies, get the senior
(s) of flaggies a gift =) and guess wat flaggies got for
me? a CROWN and a BRACELET! why did they get that you ask?
well, because, i wanted to run for HC queen..but i didn't
wanna go to the hc dance because, *sigh*, it was held at
our the MPR..mucho ghetto! sOo..i didn't run =( flaggies got me a crown and called me THEIR hc
queen! aWw! aren't they the sweetest?? =) i think sOo!
after the game, flaggies, flaggie supporters, and alumnis,
went to go get some boba =) thanks kit for buying me a
strawberry milk tea. pretty good if i do say so myself. but
of course..i prefer GOGO juice! huh kit?!? =) much better
boba there! is boring =P thats why i made
myself an online journal! bigwhoop huh? eh..blah to you!
well..i guess that's it for today... for now aneeway..BYE!