The UnEven Eye
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2001-10-27 23:52:43 (UTC)

Lets see I m sick.. I m bored,..

Lets see I'm sick.. I'm bored, no one is on, that I
really want to talk to. I'm going back home in a few
days. I mean home home. Like is Sevilla. Tee Hee! I
miss that home. *shrugs*

I don't know what i will do for some internet provided, I
bring the comp with me. Then there area few other
things, that I'm not in the mood to say out loud here.
Cause I'm just to damn tired, and coughing. Bleh.

But to finish up, cause I'm going to work. I would like
to say. Its not that that hard to forget me. I don't
care. Believe me, In time I will foreget you, perhaps
not on purpose, but on the fact, I just don't care.. ^.^ W

Well I think I will go.. get changed, and head in for