*~My Thoughts~*
2001-03-15 01:03:13 (UTC)

Dear Diary, Hey. It s me. I..

Dear Diary,
Hey. It's me. I just got home from Drama practice. I
can't wait for our next play. We're thinking it's going to
be Wizard of Oz, it seems kind of lame that I will be
trying out for Glinda, me, but I will N*E*wayz. You know
what? I just realized NE1 could be reading this. ne1.
That's weird. O well. I'm glad people are reading this,
because it's fun sharing your feelings. I like talking
about it, and typing is a lot faster than writing. My li'l
12 year old life is getting better and better. I'm not as
depressed as before, and I'm glad about that.
Have fun!

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