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2001-10-27 23:21:23 (UTC)

May 23, 2001

Inside my head is where no one wants to be, not even
myself. But I'm stuck with it, you're not. I'm not
selfish, I'm done crying, and I never lied. But for some,
it doesn't matter. If you're not selfish and care about
other people with such passion, if seems too unreal for
them to understand. How could anyone be that understanding,
that loving, that honest, that true? It's easy. Open your
eyes and open your heart for everyone that puts you down
and tries to hold u back. Look in their eyes and show them
the truth, don't turn away when they try to repel something
so innocent. It's not you. It's them breaking free, and
becoming everything they dreamed, and having everything
they were too afraid to request. Press on. Die with a fire,
and a circle of hearts who loved you, who meaned just as
much to them as they did to you.

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