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2001-10-27 23:14:34 (UTC)

Profile 6

I keep hearing 'Fuck You' and the person leaves. That just
makes me smirk. I'm tired of all the people that make
themselves and others think they're so damn strong and
perfect. Saying 'Fuck You' and walking away doesn't mean
your cool or strong, it means your a fucking coward. If you
want to just pinch and runaway, go back to kindergarden,
because I don't have time for your petty shit or wannabe
attitude. You want my admiration or respect, whether I hate
you or not, stand there and battle and defend yourself with
words against me. Keep up. Running away just gives me more
time to laugh before I see you again and can tell you what
a coward and fake you are. 'Hearts and thoughts they fade,
fade away' Pearl Jam

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