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2001-10-27 23:10:32 (UTC)

Profile 2

"Been running from these feelings for so long, telling my
heart I didn't need it, pretending that I'm better off
alone, but I know that it's just a lie, so afraid to take a
chance again, so afraid of what I feel inside, but I need
to need to be next to you, I need to share every breath
with you, I need to know I can see you smile each morning,
look into your eyes each night, here with you, near with
you, all night."

Follow what you love, do what you want to do, break free
from every element of normality you can. People might not
understand it at first, but they'll realize it's just you,
being you. Live and Love that special person and yourself
for today. The future comes on it's own. Don't look for it.

"I don't care what the world has to say, you should know
that I love you, love you, I love you today"

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