Meghan's Little Corner
2001-10-27 22:35:25 (UTC)

My Beginning

Hey Sweetz ~ I'm Meg and I was born in Rochester NY. I was
born at 8:15 a.m. in Genesee Hospital here in Rochester. My
parents are Margaret and Thomas Koch. I have 3 other
siblings: Michael (26), Peter (12), and Shannon (8). My
Godparents are Raymond and Kathy Manuwald. My 1st cousins
are: Lauren, Joshua, Aidan, Nicholas and Alexander. My
older brother has a different father then I do (Ed - my
mother's first marriage) so I was my daddy's first girl and
baby. My dad said the minute I was born, I set a smile upon
his face. My dad is the best man in the world. My mother is
the most gorgeous and amazing woman I've ever known - My
parents are my best friends. These people have had such an
amazing impact on my life and they always will.