Jessie's Thoughts
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2001-10-27 22:17:25 (UTC)

Today's Thoughts...

Since this is my first entry i'll start off by giving some
information about myself...

My name is Jessie, im 16, and i still cant drive!:( lol,
lets see i dont go to school, i do correspondence for the
American School, which is basically homeschooling. The
school sends me the books, each come with a study guide
which tells me what to study. I do the lessons, then i take
tests every so many lessons. Then i send the tests to the
school and they grade them and send em back. I work for my
dad, seeing as it is i dont go to school im able to work
full time, which i do along with my sister Grace who's 14.
We just started working for him last month when he started
his own business selling industrial supplies. Gracie and I
do all the office work, taking care of the purchases,
sales, sending bills, paying bills, keeping files,
answering phones, all that junk. I suppose you could call
is secretarial work or bookeeping. As for right now we just
get paid minimum wage since he just started the business.
But sometime in the future we'll be getting a raise:) Let's
see what else...well im on a swim team, in Houston, Texas,
where i live and have lived for the past 12 years of my
life. I moved here when i was 4 from Cleveland, Ohio.
Anyway as i was saying i'm on a swim team, i work out for 2
hours 5 days a week Mon-Fri. I don't consider myself to be
a really good swimmer, going to the olympics is not one of
my goals, which im sure is a goal for many of my team
mates. But i enjoy it, and compared to an average person i
am a really good swimmer. I do it because i like it, its
good excersise:), and i like to improve and compete, not
because i'm working to get to the olympics. Ive been
swimming for 6 years, all 6 of them on the same team. I am
a christian, and i go to a non-denominational church, which
means its just christian with no denomination, not baptist,
or methodist, or catholic, just christian. I have three
sisters Grace, who's 14 as i've already mentioned, Livvy,
who's 11, and Abbie, who's almost 3. Abbie has
downsyndrome, so being a little slow she still doesnt
really talk, but she is the cutest thing:) My mom stays at
home as she has pretty much always done since she's been a
mom. My dad has his own company selling industrial supplies
like i already said, is a Col. in the army reserves, is a
lisenced pastor, he doesn't have a church, he's not
ordained, he mainly does weddings and funerals, that sort
of thing, he teaches at an old peoples home once a week
though, and also teaches a teen class once a week at our
church. He plans on being ordained soon though. I have an
Anatolian shepherd dog, her name is Elsa and iv'e had her
since i was 12, i got her for Christmas:) shes my baby:) An
Anatolian Shepherd dog is a rare turkish shepherd breed.
She ran out and bit the girl next door, so now we dont have
kids over to the house anymore.:( We thought about giving
her away and putting her to sleep, but we decided not to. I
dont think she's a viscious dog or crazy, i think shes
very, very protective and probably has a special sense
about people. The reason she bit the girl i think was
because she held a grudge against her, because the little
boys next door teased her through the fence by throwing
sticks and rocks and screaming and banging, and i do
believe the girl took part in this. Anyway she's still my
baby:) hehe. Ok i have a little, tiny obsession with
*Nsync, ok fine maybe its huge. Lance is my favorite, then
JC, Chris, Justin and Joey, i just now decided that Justin
was #4 after Chris, he was #1 for a long time then Lance
knocked him to two, then Jc knocked Lance to two and Justin
to three, then Lance knocked Jc to two and Justin back to
three and now i have decided that Chris is 3 and Justin is
4 or maybe its a tie and there both three, well i dont
know, Justin is hot but not so much as he used to be, Chris
is not hot but he seems way nicer and way funnier, i dont
know i think i would rather meet Chris then Justin, and im
blabbing waaaaaaaaay to much so i think im going to stop
now. Anyway i have 12 Nsync cd's and counting, hundreds of
posters, three dolls and counting, and ive been to two
Nsync concerts, one No Strings Attatched Concert and one
Pop odyssey. They were both Awesome. My fav Nsync song is I
Want You Back. Anyway last night I went to see On the Line,
Lance's and Joey's movie, I wasnt expecting much at all but
was definatly pleasantly surprised! I thought it came out
pretty damn good!:) Justin and Chris's cameo at the end was
hilarious:) Well i think that this has gotten long enough
to be my autobiography, i have a tendency to do that, start
writing and then get carried away. But now i must go and do
some chores for my mom (she's gonna pay me!:)) and then
we're going shopping or to see OTL again (my mom wants to
see it too) so tooteloooo...